Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I tried Lomi as per my luv's request.. At first I am not confident enough to mix and match it but luckily, the outcome was.. as per him.. amazing :) I am just a bit disappointed on how the kikiam tasted. I will try finding a perfect one in chinatown.

I cut the meat balls in half.  Well, better not.

Adobong Shoulder-Crispy Pata Style

I used Pork Shoulder instead of the Pata itself just to try the difference... Pressure Cooker is a very big help making the meat even tender in the inside.  Its better to deboned the shoulder before frying.

Serve this with pipino, a bit of pepper and vinegar as side dish

Malaysian inspired Chicken Adobo with Lemongrass

I am not that "spicy" food fan but I am glad I was able to make this menu a very rice-tempting one.. Being patient as well, is the one thing I have learned when waiting for the meat to be tender or golden brown. 

Siling Labuyo made this one a Hot Chick!

Pininyahang Adobo

We all have sweet tooth.. And I do love sweet foods, be a viand, chips or drinks..  I am craving for a sweet dish for that day so I hurriedly grab my recipe of this pininyahang adobo...

Tip: You can add extra pineapple chuncks if you wanted it to taste a little bit sweeter.